Why We Do Dentistry Differently


Welcome to your new dental home. This is dentistry done differently. How would it feel for you to be a respected part of your dental team? How would you feel if you knew you were listened to and we heard your wants, desires, and concerns – then we honored those concerns?

How would you react if every time you came into the office it was like visiting family and friends rather than having an appointment?

Well…..Welcome home, you have arrived. Microscope Dentistry by Shoup is a team of highly skilled dental professionals who excel in our technical dentistry, our advanced training, and our amazing people / communication skills.

You have found us because you are looking for the best, the most advanced, and the most cutting edge dental care in the world. Microscope Dentistry by Shoup is absolutely dedicated to delivering the finest and most comprehensive dental care that can be found anywhere.

You will feel the difference as we use a microscope, air abrasion, lasers, and ozone therapy. We have advanced systems so you can Never have a cavity again, Ever!

Be healthy, feel good, look amazing, have dentistry that will last a lifetime, and have a dental home for you, all your family and friends.

Welcome Home!

– Dr. Randy Shoup