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Dr. Shoup will meet with you and develop a plan that is specific to your needs and desires as well as your financial situation. You will love the results.

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I Want A New Dental Home

Dr. Shoup and his team offer you and your family the most sophisticated program to create and maintain excellent dental health. How would no more cavities, EVER, be for you and your family? Would never having to worry about gum disease make you feel safe and secure? We create customized programs for each patient. We treat our family of patients like…family!

I Need A Cleaning

Dr. Shoup and his highly skilled hygiene team make a thorough evaluation and diagnosis of your overall health and the state of your teeth and gums. The team will create a cleaning program and schedule specifically designed for you. Each patient is unique and deserves our best service. If we detect gum disease we will discuss the appropriate treatment that may go beyond a regular cleaning.

I Want A Beautiful Smile

Dr. Shoup has been focused on esthetic dentistry for over 26 years. Dr. Shoup is the official cosmetic dentist of the Miss Indiana USA and the Miss Teen USA beauty pageants. Each patient and each smile is unique and special. Beautiful, white, sparkling, sexy, and amazing are a few of the words used to describe our new smiles. Your smile will be perfect for you, look fantastic, feel like natural teeth, and last for years and years.

Please Fix My Cavities

How would you like no shot, no numbing, and no drill to fix your cavities? Dr. Shoup has pioneered the use of air abrasion (a tiny sand blaster) to remove the decay with no pain, no drill, and no shot. Dr. Shoup uses only tooth color filling material and gold to restore the teeth. We never use the mercury/silver fillings. Your teeth will be beautiful, strong, feel great, and last a very long time.

Replace My Missing Teeth

Today is absolutely the best time to replace a single or several missing teeth. Here are your best options: Implants Chew anything you want. Your teeth stay in, your teeth look exactly like real teeth, and they last a long time. Today implants are commonplace, reliable, and strong. Implants allow you to replace one tooth or literally all your teeth. People who wear dentures or want to avoid dentures can have implants placed to make an existing denture super secure or place implants and never have to have a denture. Today the #1 choice for replacing almost any tooth is by using an implant. Fixed bridges are also an option for replacing a missing tooth. Bridges rely on the teeth on either side of the space to support an artificial tooth. Bridges have been in use for decades and provide a great service. Bridges stay in and do not come out. Bridges look natural and feel like real teeth. The down side of bridges is that the teeth involved in the bridge are all hooked together. This makes cleaning around the bridge more complicated but not impossible.

I Want My Teeth Bleached

Beautiful, sparkling, white teeth in about an hour. What is not to like and it really works. We use the Brite Smile ® system because it is the best system we have ever used. Simply sit in a chair and watch T.V., listen to music, or take a nap. We do all the work. It is completely comfortable, safe, effective, and gives you amazing results. It is common for people to go 5 to 6 shades lighter in a single visit. Our bleaching does not do bad things to your teeth. Bleaching also lasts for years not just months. Try it…you will love it!

I Want To Sleep Through My Appointment

How does this sound? Take a pill the night before your appointment and get a great nights sleep. Take another pill about an hour before coming to the office. Once you get to the office we will give you one more pill. You will be comfortable, calm, and relaxed through your entire appointment. Sedation dentistry is safe, works great, and can be used for all dental procedures. Our patients love sedation dentistry. After your appointment you will be relaxed, comfortable, and you probably will not remember any of the appointment.