What To Expect

dr shoup microscope

We Only See One Patient at a Time:

Don’t you hate it when you sit in the reception room or by yourself in a dental chair waiting for the doctor? Not here! Dr. Shoup and his team utilize one treatment suite and you will be the center of our attention. We are never too busy to take a restroom break or relax for a few minutes.

Absolutely Wonderful Anesthetic:

Dr. Shoup prides himself in giving the most comfortable anesthetic. Over 95% of our patients tell us they literally did not know anesthetic was being given.

Thorough and Complete:

You will feel extremely secure once you experience the attention to detail that Dr. Shoup provides during your examination and consultation.

Feel Like an Honored Guest:

We consider all of our clients as honored guests. No request is too difficult, and we are willing to accommodate your schedule.

Appointments and Times:

We make our schedule to meet the needs and desires of our clients. We see people in the early morning and late at night.  On special occasions we see patients on Friday.  Let us know about your schedule, and we will do our utmost to work it out.

No Metal Restorations:

Most people today want a beautiful smile and youthful, natural looking teeth. There are amazing all Ceramic (porcelain) and Composite Resin (tooth colored) materials available.  We never use mercury containing materials.


The state of the art in all ceramic restoration. Extremely strong, beautiful, and with excellent chewing feel.

Belle Glass HP:

High strength composite that is the most conservative restoration. The tooth does not have to be ground down to a nub and fitted with a crown. Belle Glass HP Inlays and Onlays allow 100% of your own natural tooth structure to be preserved.

Porcelain Veneers:

Ultra thin “Lee Press-On Nails” for teeth. These veneers are extremely beautiful and designed to give years of service. Preserve up to 80% of your own tooth. You can make them any size, shape, and color you desire. Absolutely the ultimate in creating beautiful front teeth. These even correct very crooked or very dark teeth.

Dental Implant:

Are you missing one of more teeth? Have you had teeth ground down to make a bridge? Are you wearing a partial or even a full denture? Now you can have permanent teeth that stay in all the time and look and feel exactly like healthy natural teeth.

Implants are a routine part of how Dr. Shoup can restore a client’s smile. Safe, healthy, strong and durable!